Fast Cash Loans – (line-of-credit loans)

Fast Cash/Overdraft Protection

  • A little extra security when you need it!
  • Fast Cash is an automatic line of credit that can be tied to your checking (share draft) for overdraft protection to cover checks that would otherwise be returned NSF.
  • Since Fast Cash is a line of credit, it is also ideal for those situations when you need extra money. When you’re short on cash, you can write yourself a loan by taking advances up to your pre-approved limit.
  • Fast Cash requires loan officer approval for a loan limit to be determined.
  • If you have Fast Cash linked to your checking, transfers will be made for the exact amount needed to cover checks that could otherwise be returned.

The minimum payment of the Fast Cash Loan is the greater of $15 or $3 per $100 of balance determined at the time of the last advance

Contact the Credit Union for details on how to get your Fast Cash Loan today!