** Potential Fraud Alert **

Our debit card processor has informed us of a fraud trend that is occurring at financial institutions around the country, which is also impacting some of our cardholders.

There is a robo-computer program that is using financial institution card bin numbers and sequentially running through all numbers with a random expiration date and CVC code in an attempt to find a valid card. The fraud cases show a zero-dollar pre-authorization at Bareminerals.com that has been attempted on many of our card holders with NO valid completions, meaning all transactions have been declined. MasterCard has put fraud rules in place to help mitigate this current fraud trend. We will continue to monitor this trend ourselves, as we’ve been informed that other merchants are also being targeted. For those of you that have been contacted by our fraud department and had a hold put on your card, we will be reaching out to you this week to determine if the card needs to be closed and a new card re-issued.

To help monitor your Forward Financial card activity, we urge you to download Card Valet from the App Store if you haven’t already done so, as this product will notify you of all debit card activity and give you the ability to turn your debit card off and on with the touch of a button.

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It is the philosophy of Forward Financial Credit Union to help as many of our members as possible with their credit needs. We realize bad things happen to good people. Our members deserve a chance to get a fresh start.